Preparation and properties of dextran sulfate-lysozyme conjugate.

  title={Preparation and properties of dextran sulfate-lysozyme conjugate.},
  author={Zahra Alahdad and Roqhayeh Ramezani and Mahmoud Aminlari and Mahsa Majzoobi},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={57 14},
The purpose of this research was to conjugate lysozyme with dextran sulfate (DS) under mild Maillard reaction conditions and to investigate the functional properties of the resulting conjugate. The covalent attachment of DS to lysozyme was confirmed by SDS-PAGE and cation-exchange chromatography. Lytic activity of the conjugated and uncongugated lysozyme toward Micrococcus lysodeikticus was 40 and 71% that of native lysozyme, respectively. The lysozyme-DS conjugate was highly soluble at… CONTINUE READING

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