Preparation and physicochemical properties of compression-molded keratin films.

  title={Preparation and physicochemical properties of compression-molded keratin films.},
  author={Kazunori Katoh and Mikio Shibayama and Toshizumi Tanabe and Kiyoshi Yamauchi},
  volume={25 12},
The S-sulfo keratin was extracted from wool and was then spray-dried to give S-sulfo keratin powder. Differential scanning calorimetry analysis showed that the glass transition temperature of S-sulfo keratins became lowered with the increase of moisture content, while perfectly dried S-sulfo keratin powder did not give thermal transition in the temperature range 30-130 degrees C. The compression molding of the S-sulfo keratin powder supplemented with one-tenth weight of water afforded a plastic… CONTINUE READING

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