Preparation and mechanical properties of edible rapeseed protein films.


UNLABELLED Edible films were manufactured from rapeseed oil extraction residues. To prepare rapeseed protein (RP) films, various concentrations of plasticizers and emulsifiers were incorporated into the preparation of a film-forming solution. The optimal conditions for the preparation of the RP film were 2% sorbitol/0.5% sucrose as plasticizer and 1.5% polysorbate 20 as an emulsifier. In addition, RP blend films were prepared. Gelidium corneum or gelatin was added to improve the physical properties of the RP film, and the highest tensile strength value of the films was 53.45 MPa for the 3% RP/4% gelatin film. Our results suggest that the RP-gelatin blend film is suitable for applications in food packaging. PRACTICAL APPLICATION Edible RP films prepared in the present investigation can be applied in food packaging.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1750-3841.2010.02026.x

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@article{Jang2011PreparationAM, title={Preparation and mechanical properties of edible rapeseed protein films.}, author={Sung-Ae Jang and Geum-Ok Lim and Kyung Bin Song}, journal={Journal of food science}, year={2011}, volume={76 2}, pages={C218-23} }