Preparation and electrocatalytic activity of Pt/Ti nanostructured electrodes

  title={Preparation and electrocatalytic activity of Pt/Ti nanostructured electrodes},
  author={Long-Biao Lai and D Chen and T. L. Joseph Huang},
Pt/Ti nanostructured electrodes have been prepared first by the electrophoretic deposition of Pt nanoparticles (7.4 and 11.1 nm) on a Ti support in reverse micellar solutions of water/Aerosol OT/isooctane, followed by heat treatment in air at 400–600 °C. The crystal structures of the resultant electrodes were characterized by XRD, and their electrocatalytic activities were investigated by cyclic voltammetry in a mixed solution of 0.26 M HCOOH and 1.0 M HClO4. The effects of the heat-treatment… CONTINUE READING

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Steady-state cyclic voltammograms of Pt/Ti electrodes treated at 400 ‡C in a mixed solution of 0.26 M HCOOH and 1.0 M HClO4. Mean diameter of Pt nanoparticles: 7.4 nm (a) and 11.1 nm

D. H. Chen, J. J. Yeh, J.T.C. Huang
  • Colloid Interface Sci.,
  • 1999