Preparation and application of sol-gel acrylate and methacrylate solid-phase microextraction fibres for gas chromatographic analysis of organoarsenic compounds.

  title={Preparation and application of sol-gel acrylate and methacrylate solid-phase microextraction fibres for gas chromatographic analysis of organoarsenic compounds.},
  author={Stanisław Popiel and Jakub Nawała and Krzysztof L. Czupryński},
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Mussel Inspired Polydopamine as Silica Fibers Coating for Solid-Phase Microextraction
A straightforward, green, and easy coating method of silica fibers for solid-phase microextraction with polydopamine (PDA), an adhesive, biocompatible organic polymer that is easily produced by oxidative polymerization of dopamine in mild basic aqueous conditions is reported.
Rational design of functionalized polyacrylate-based high internal phase emulsion materials for analytical and biomedical uses
This paper deals with the preparation of new poly(High Internal Phase Emulsion) [polyHIPE] materials, templated by varying different preparation parameters. The obtained systems are based on acrylic
Development of an extraction procedure and analysis of electrostatically stabilized silanates from aqueous solutions
Abstract The analyzed organosilicon derivatives of electrostatically stabilized silanates belong to a group of pentacoordinated compounds. These derivatives are:
Polymer Microtips at Different Types of Optical Fibers as Functional Elements for Sensing Applications
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Thermal and catalytic methods used for destruction of chemical warfare agents
The decontamination of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) from structures, environmental media and even personnel has become an area of particular interest in recent years due to increased homeland


Solid-phase Microextraction of Phosphate and Methylphosphonate Using Novel Fibers Coated with a Sol-Gel-Derived Silicone-Divinylbenzene Co-Polymer
SummaryCo-poly (hydroxy-terminated silicone divinylbenzene) coating was first prepared by sol-gel and cross-linking methods and applied to the solid-phase microextraction of phosphate and
Simultaneous determination of degradation products related to chemical warfare agents by high‐performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry
Chemical munitions that include organoarsenic chemical agent were manufactured by Japanese imperial forces and abandoned in various locations of Japan and China at the end of World War II. These
Theory of analyte extraction by selected porous polymer SPME fibres
Extraction of analytes by the new porous polymer solid phase microextraction (SPME) fibres is based on adsorption rather than absorption. The equilibrium theory developed for the liquid