Preparation and application of in-fibre internal standardization solid-phase microextraction.


The in-fibre standardization method is a novel approach that has been developed for field sampling/sample preparation, in which an internal standard is pre-loaded onto a solid-phase microextraction (SPME) fibre for calibration of the extraction of target analytes in field samples. The same method can also be used for in-vial sample analysis. In this study, different techniques to load the standard to a non-porous SPME fibre were investigated. It was found that the appropriateness of the technique depends on the physical properties of the standards that are used for the analysis. Headspace extraction of the standard dissolved in pumping oil works well for volatile compounds. Conversely, headspace extraction of the pure standard is an effective approach for semi-volatile compounds. For compounds with low volatility, a syringe-fibre transfer method and direct extraction of the standard dissolved in a solvent exhibited a good reproducibility (<5% RSD). The main advantage of the approaches investigated in this study is that the standard generation vials can be reused for hundreds of analyses without exhibiting significant loss. Moreover, most of the standard loading processes studied can be performed automatically, which is efficient and precise. Finally, the standard loading technique and in-fibre standardization method were applied to a complex matrix (milk) and the results illustrated that the matrix effect can be effectively compensated for with this approach.


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