Preparation and X-Ray Diffraction Studies of a New Cobalt Carbide1

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A fascinating pH independent catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction: Crystalline bimetallic hcp-CoxRh1-x alloy nanofibers driven by thermally induced phase transition from a single phase of CoRh2O4
Abstract Two distinct crystalline phases of bimetallic CoxRh1−x alloy nanofibers were synthesized through the thermal H2-reduction of single-phase CoRh2O4 nanofibers that were prepared viaExpand
Catalyst Deactivation Rate During Hydrogenation of CO2 to Longer-Chained Hydrocarbons Over 6 wt% Potassium-Promoted Co/Al2O3 Catalyst
The deactivation rate of 15%Co-6%K/Al2O3 Fischer–Tropsch catalyst during hydrogenation of CO2 to longer-chained hydrocarbons was investigated. The catalysts used were synthesized by incipient wetnessExpand
One-step recovery of valuable metals from spent Lithium-ion batteries and synthesis of persulfate through paired electrolysis
Abstract The application of electrochemical methods on the recycling of valuable metals from spent lithium-ion batteries, and the removing of pollutant from wastewater by persulfate have attractedExpand
From the Surface Structure to Catalytic Properties of Al5Co2(21̅0): A Study Combining Experimental and Theoretical Approaches
Replacing noble metal catalysts with inexpensive, environmentally harmless, active, selective, and stable substitutes is a great challenge for the chemical industry. In this paper, the noble metal-...
Key Experiments and Thermodynamic Description of the Co-Nb-Ni System
Equilibrated alloys were characterized using SEM/EDX and XRD methods to identify the Co-Nb-Ni phase equilibria at 1100 °C and 900 °C. The isothermal section at 1100 °C was re-constructed and theExpand
Theoretical Insights into the Structure and Activity of Cobalt Modulated by Surface and Subsurface Carbon in Operando Conditions
In order to understand the effect of in-situ carbon deposition and permeation process on cobalt-catalyzed heterogeneous reactions, the thermodynamics and kinetics of the carburization process of te...
Investigation on the intermetallic compound Co3Ta and high-temperature phase equilibria in the CoNiTa system
Abstract The crystal structure of Co3Ta was identified to be of the BaPb3 type having hexagonal R 3 ¯ m symmetry and Pearson symbol hR36 on the basis of X-ray diffraction data. The solidificationExpand
On the role of cobalt carbidization in higher alcohol synthesis over hydrotalcite-based Co-Cu catalysts
ABSTRACT Co-Cu-based catalysts are widely applied in higher alcohol synthesis (HAS) from synthesis gas. Although the nature of the active sites is still not fully understood, the formation of Co2CExpand
Experimental determination and thermodynamic assessment of the Co–Ni–Ti system
Abstract The isothermal section at 1273 K of the Co–Ni–Ti system was determined using equilibrated alloys by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopyExpand
Experimental investigations of the Co–Ni–Ti system: Liquidus surface projection and isothermal section at 1373 K
Abstract The liquidus surface projection and isothermal section at 1373 K of the Co–Ni–Ti system have been established by using the methods of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energyExpand