Preparation and Characterization of Peroxo Titanic Acid Solution Using TiCl3

  title={Preparation and Characterization of Peroxo Titanic Acid Solution Using TiCl3},
  author={C. K. Lee and Dae-Cheol Kim and Jong Hwa Lee and Jang Hyun Sung and In-Hoe Kim and Kun-Hong Lee and Junesic Park and Y. K. Lee},
  journal={Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology},
The peroxo titanic acid solution was successfully prepared using titanium trichloride as a precursor. The basic properties of the TiO2 film prepared by the solution were investigated in view of phase change, bandgap energy, crystalline size etc. The film displayed amorphous TiO2 at room temperature, anatase above 281°C and a mixture of anatase and rutile at 990°C. The crystalline size increases with annealing temperatures, while the bandgap energies decrease due to the quantum size effect and… 

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Fabrication and characterization of TiO2 photocatalytic thin film prepared from peroxo titanic acid sol

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Nanocrystalline anatase films were prepared on glass substrates by the dip-coating method from aqueous refluxed sols and calcined at 100, 300 and 500 °C. FT-IR, TEM, SEM, XRD, UV–VIS and XPS analysis