Preparation and Characterization of Immobilized Lipase from Pseudomonas Cepacia onto Magnetic Cellulose Nanocrystals.

  title={Preparation and Characterization of Immobilized Lipase from Pseudomonas Cepacia onto Magnetic Cellulose Nanocrystals.},
  author={Shi-Lin Cao and Yu-mei Huang and Xue-hui Li and Pei Yu Xu and Hong Wu and Ning Li and Wen-Yong Lou and Min-hua Zong},
  journal={Scientific reports},
Magnetic cellulose nanocrystals (MCNCs) were prepared and used as an enzyme support for immobilization of Pseudomonas cepacialipase (PCL). PCL was successfully immobilized onto MCNCs (PCL@MCNC) by a precipitation-cross-linking method. The resulting PCL@MCNC with a nanoscale size had high enzyme loading (82.2 mg enzyme/g) and activity recovery (95.9%). Compared with free PCL, PCL@MCNC exhibited significantly enhanced stability and solvent tolerance, due to the increase of enzyme structure… CONTINUE READING
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