Preparation , Characterization , Electrochemistry , and Infrared Spectroelectrochemistry of Ruthenium Nitrosyl Porphyrins Containing η 1O Bonded Axial Carboxylates

The synthesis, characterization and redox behavior of eight low-spin nitrosyl carboxylate compounds (por)Ru(NO)(η-OC(=O)R) (por = T(p-OMe)PP: R = Me (1), i-Pr (2), t-Bu (3), p-C6H4NO2 (4), Fc (5), CF3 (8); por = TTP: R = Fc (6)) and (T(p-OMe)PP)Ru(NO)(OC6HF4) (7) are reported. The compounds are moderately stable in air as solids. Their IR (KBr) spectral… CONTINUE READING