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Preparation, characterization, and pharmacokinetic evaluation of puerarin submicron emulsion.

  title={Preparation, characterization, and pharmacokinetic evaluation of puerarin submicron emulsion.},
  author={Peng-fei Yue and H. Yuan and Ming Yang and Ronghui You and Long-Bo Cong and Jun Zhu and Qi Wang and W. Zhu and X. Xiao},
  journal={PDA journal of pharmaceutical science and technology},
  volume={62 1},
A novel formulation of puerarin was studied. Puerarin submicron emulsion was prepared by complex phase inversion-high-pressure homogenization technology. Characterization, distribution of drug in emulsion, short-term stability, and pharmacokinetics of emulsion were evaluated. The mean diameter and zeta potential of puerarin emulsion were 188.14 nm and -29.45 mv, respectively. The distribution range of puerarin emulsion was very narrow. The concentration of puerarin in the interfacial surface… Expand
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