Preparation, characterisation and activity of nickel supported on silica-titania

  title={Preparation, characterisation and activity of nickel supported on silica-titania},
  author={Jolanta R. Grzechowiak and I. Szyszka and Jacek Rynkowski and Dominik Rajski},
Abstract Catalysts containing 5 wt.% Ni supported on SiO 2 TiO 2 binary oxide (differing in the method of preparation and TiO 2 content) were applied for hydrogenation of aromatic hydrocarbons. The performance of the catalysts was tested in hydrogenation of toluene and diesel oil fraction. It was found that deposition of TiO 2 on silica by using the so-called TIPOT-method leads to the supports improving the catalytic activity of Ni/SiO 2 TiO 2 catalysts. Experimental results indicated that for… CONTINUE READING


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