Preparation, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties of Sr3V2O6.99

  title={Preparation, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties of Sr3V2O6.99},
  author={J. Lee and Kandalam V. Ramanujachary and Martha Greenblatt},
Synthesis, electrical, and magnetic properties of a layered perovskite-related compound, Sr3V2O6.99, are reported. Powder X-ray diffraction analysis confirmed the body-centered tetragonal (I4/mmm) structure as proposed earlier. The electrical resistivity of the sample is 0.054 Ω · cm at room temperature and decreases with temperature down to 15 K, with a T2 dependence in the range 15-150 K. The temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility shows a small cusp at ∼ 110 K. Spin-glass-like behavior… CONTINUE READING