Preoxygenation for tracheal suctioning in intubated, ventilated newborn infants.

  title={Preoxygenation for tracheal suctioning in intubated, ventilated newborn infants.},
  author={Margo Anne Pritchard and Vicki Flenady and Paul G Woodgate},
  journal={The Cochrane database of systematic reviews},
BACKGROUND Endotracheal suctioning for mechanically ventilated infants is routine practice in neonatal intensive care. However, this practice is associated with serious complications including lobar collapse, pneumothorax, bradycardia and hypoxemia. Increasing the inspired oxygen immediately prior to suction (preoxygenation) has been proposed as an intervention to minimise the risk of complications. OBJECTIVES To compare the effects of preoxygenation with no preoxygenation for endotracheal… CONTINUE READING

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