Preoperative imaging diagnosis of carotid body tumors.

  title={Preoperative imaging diagnosis of carotid body tumors.},
  author={Luis A Pacheco-Ojeda and Miguel A Mart{\'i}nez-Viteri},
  journal={International surgery},
  volume={95 3},
Carotid body tumors (CBTs) are relatively frequent lesions encountered at high altitudes, such in as the Andean Mountains. A correct preoperative diagnosis is essential for surgical planning and performance. For this reason, we have reviewed the evolution of our experience in the imaging diagnosis of these tumors. Between 1980 and June 2008, 160 CBTs were diagnosed. A total of 138 tumors were operated on, 4 are waiting for surgery, and 18 were not operated on because of age, medical conditions… CONTINUE READING