Prenylation of oncogenic human PTP(CAAX) protein tyrosine phosphatases.

  title={Prenylation of oncogenic human PTP(CAAX) protein tyrosine phosphatases.},
  author={Chris Cates and Ruth. Michael and Keith R. Stayrook and Kevin A. Harvey and Yvette D. Burke and Stephen K. Randall and Pamela Crowell and Dring N. Crowell},
  journal={Cancer letters},
  volume={110 1-2},
Many isoprenylated proteins are known to participate in signal transduction, but not all have been identified. Using an in vitro prenylation screen, two human cDNAs (PTP(CAAXI) and PTP(CAAX2)) homologous to the rat PRL-1 and human OV-1 protein tyrosine phosphatase genes were identified. PTP(CAAXI) and PTP(CAAX2) were farnesylated in vitro by mammalian farnesyl:protein transferase, and epitope-tagged PTP(CAAX2) was prenylated in epithelial cells. Overexpression of PTP(CAAXI) and PTP(CAAX2) in… CONTINUE READING

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