[Prenosological diagnosis of the upper airway mucosa].


The paper analyzes the results of microbiological, immunological, and cytological studies of the upper airway in apparently healthy individuals exposed to toxic agents. The upper airway endoenvironmental changes have been found at the prenosological level, which may lead to the development of clinical pathology. The informative indicators of prenosological diagnosis have been determined, which make it possible to detect early changes in microbiocenoses, the body's resistance, and mucosal cytological status.

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@article{Nesmeianova2009PrenosologicalDO, title={[Prenosological diagnosis of the upper airway mucosa].}, author={N N Nesmeianova and Larisa M Sosedova and S F Shaiakhmetov}, journal={Gigiena i sanitariia}, year={2009}, volume={3}, pages={25-8} }