Prenatally detected myelomeningoceles: sonographic accuracy in estimation of the spinal level.


The sonograms and case records of 53 patients with prenatally detected myelomeningoceles were retrospectively reviewed. Sonographic findings were correlated with pathologic, surgical, and/or radiographic findings in 28 cases. Fourteen mothers chose to continue their pregnancies, and the level of neuromotor deficit was available for 11 children of this group. The sonographic and pathologic levels were in agreement in 18 of 28 cases (64%) and were within one spinal level in 22 of 28 cases (79%). The pathologic level of the lesion was underestimated (sonographic level lower than pathologic) in three fetuses and overestimated (sonographic level higher than pathologic) in another three. In 10 of 11 living children (91%) the neuromotor level was equal to or better than the anatomic level. The authors conclude that ultrasonography can, in most cases, allow accurate prediction of the level of the spina bifida lesion and the severity of neuromotor handicap in children with prenatal diagnoses of myelomeningocele.


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