Prenatal thalamic waves regulate cortical area size prior to sensory processing

  title={Prenatal thalamic waves regulate cortical area size prior to sensory processing},
  author={Ver{\'o}nica Moreno-Juan and Anton Filipchuk and Noelia Ant{\'o}n-Bola{\~n}os and Cecilia Mezzera and Henrik Gezelius and Bel{\'e}n de Andr{\'e}s and Luis Miguel Rodr{\'i}guez-Malmierca and Rafael R Susin and Olivier Schaad and Takuji Iwasato and Roland Sch{\"u}le and Michael L Rutlin and Sacha B. Nelson and Sebastien Ducret and Miguel Valdeolmillos and Filippo M Rijli and Guillermina L{\'o}pez-Bendito},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
The cerebral cortex is organized into specialized sensory areas, whose initial territory is determined by intracortical molecular determinants. Yet, sensory cortical area size appears to be fine tuned during development to respond to functional adaptations. Here we demonstrate the existence of a prenatal sub-cortical mechanism that regulates the cortical… CONTINUE READING



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