Prenatal diagnosis of umbilical artery thrombosis.

  title={Prenatal diagnosis of umbilical artery thrombosis.},
  author={Kei Tanaka and Shinji Tanigaki and Miho Matsushima and Noriko Miyazaki and Reiko Kyome Hashimoto and Tomoko Izawa and Keiji Fujihara Akihiro Sakai and Takuya Yazawa and Mitsutoshi Iwashita},
  journal={Fetal diagnosis and therapy},
  volume={35 2},
Umbilical artery thrombosis (UAT) is rare and few prenatally diagnosed cases have been reported. We describe 2 cases of fetal growth restriction prenatally diagnosed as UAT by ultrasound examination. In each case the cross section of the umbilical cord showed one normal artery and a small echogenic area which was suspected as an occluded thrombotic artery… CONTINUE READING