Prenatal diagnosis of beta-thalassaemia by reverse dot-blot hybridization.

  title={Prenatal diagnosis of beta-thalassaemia by reverse dot-blot hybridization.},
  author={Pranee Winichagoon and Vannarat Saechan and R Sripanich and C Nopparatana and Sujin Kanokpongsakdi and Aurelio Maggio and S Fucharoen},
  journal={Prenatal diagnosis},
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Thalassaemia is the most common genetic disease and is a public health problem of Thailand. Prevention and control of beta-thalassaemia diseases need accurate diagnosis of carriers and proper genetic counselling. Prenatal diagnosis is needed to prevent birth of the thalassaemic offspring in the couple at risk. This can be performed in the first trimester of pregnancy by DNA analysis using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Since there are more than 20 mutations causing beta-thalassaemia in… CONTINUE READING