Prenatal diagnosis of Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome.

  title={Prenatal diagnosis of Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome.},
  author={Profs P Wieacker and Claus Wilhelm and Peter Greiner and Hubert Ren{\'e} Schillinger},
  journal={Journal of perinatal medicine},
  volume={17 5},
We report the prenatal diagnosis of Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome in the 28th week of pregnancy in a primigravida. The cause of hospitalization was severe polyhydramnios with premature labour. Sonography revealed macrosomia, nephromegaly, cysts of adrenal glands and a striking macroglossia with opened mouth in all controls. The combination of all these symptoms suggested the prenatal diagnosis of Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome, which could be confirmed post partum after a normal delivery in the 33rd… CONTINUE READING