Premorbid onset of psychopathology in long-term recovered anorexia nervosa.

  title={Premorbid onset of psychopathology in long-term recovered anorexia nervosa.},
  author={A L Deep and Linda Nagy and Theodore E Weltzin and Rhadika Rao and Walter H. Kaye},
  journal={The International journal of eating disorders},
  volume={17 3},
It is recognized that patients with anorexia nervosa commonly have other psychiatric illnesses. No study, to our knowledge, has determined whether these other psychiatric disorders occur prior to the age of onset of anorexia nervosa. We obtained a retrospective history from 24 subjects who were long term (more than 1 year) recovered from anorexia nervosa. We found that 58% reported that they had the onset of one or more childhood anxiety disorder diagnoses at the age of 10 +/- 5 years old. This… CONTINUE READING


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