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Premorbid adjustment and negative schizophrenic symptoms

  title={Premorbid adjustment and negative schizophrenic symptoms},
  author={P. Mart{\'i}n and C. Mj},
  journal={Actas luso-españolas de neurología, psiquiatría y ciencias afines},
  • P. Martín, C. Mj
  • Published 1992
  • Psychology
  • Actas luso-españolas de neurología, psiquiatría y ciencias afines
The relationship between premorbid schizoid traits and the positive and negative symptoms assessed by the Andreasen's SANS and SAPS scales was studied in a sample of 115 DSM-III-R schizophrenics. For the assessment of the schizoid traits the abbreviated Philip's scale of premorbid social-personal adjustment was employed. Negative symptoms, excepting the attentional scale, but no positive symptoms were significantly correlated (p < or = .01) with the Philips's scale. These results suggest that… Expand