Premium implant solution

  • Published 2010 in BDJ


british dental journal VOLUME 208 NO. 12 JUN 26 2010 G-Bond is probably the fastest bonding agent on the market. It takes just 30 seconds from start to finish with no separate etching required. Simply apply G-Bond to cut enamel and dentine, leave for 10 seconds, blow dry thoroughly for 5 seconds and then cure for 10 seconds – all done! The ‘nano interaction zone’ is created by two monomers that create a non-conventional interface with the available tooth minerals, resulting in extremely high bond strength. This HEMA free material will not absorb moisture and therefore will not discolour, will not degrade the collagen layer and is no risk to allergen sufferers. G-Bond demineralises the tooth by less than 1 micron, leaving significant minerals available for the chemical adhesion process. As the dentinal tubules stay closed during the procedure there is little risk of sensitivity. The simultaneous demineralisation and monomer infiltration result in a better seal of the hybrid layer, resulting in less leakage and a long-term bond. reader response number 61 simPLify your comPosite bonding product news

DOI: 10.1038/sj.bdj.2010.576

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