Premenstrual syndrome and beyond: lifestyle, nutrition, and personal facts.

  title={Premenstrual syndrome and beyond: lifestyle, nutrition, and personal facts.},
  author={Vanda Bianco and Andrea Cestari and Daniela Casati and S. Cipriani and Gianluigi Radici and Iacopo Valente},
  journal={Minerva ginecologica},
  volume={66 4},
AIM The aim was to study prevalence of menstrual symptoms and their presenting patterns, and to assess nutrition and behaviours correlates. METHODS The study enrolled 108 women, who were prospectively assessed for menstrual symptoms; a 212 items questionnaire about lifestyle and nutrition was administered. Diagnosis and intensity of symptoms were separately compared for dietary and other factors. The χ2 test or Fisher exact test as required and a multivariate analysis were performed… CONTINUE READING


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