Premenstrual symptoms and smoking-related expectancies.


Given that prior research implicates smoking abstinence in increased premenstrual symptoms, tobacco withdrawal, and smoking behaviors, it is possible that women with more severe premenstrual symptoms have stronger expectancies about the effects of smoking and abstaining from smoking on mood and withdrawal. However, such relations have not been previously… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2016.01.015


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@article{Pang2016PremenstrualSA, title={Premenstrual symptoms and smoking-related expectancies.}, author={Raina D. Pang and Mariel S. Bello and Matthew D. Stone and Matthew G. Kirkpatrick and Jimi Huh and John Monterosso and Martie G. Haselton and Melissa R. Fales and Adam M. Leventhal}, journal={Addictive behaviors}, year={2016}, volume={57}, pages={38-41} }