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Prematurity is preventable!

  title={Prematurity is preventable!},
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  • A. Haas
  • Published 2004
  • Medicine
  • Midwifery today with international midwife


Atkins diet may cut chance of pregnancy, study shows.
  • Guardian Unlimited
  • 2004
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A Randomized Trial of Docosahexaenoic Acid Supplementation During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy
OBJECTIVE To hypothesize that higher intake of docosahexaenoic acid, an n-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid, would increase duration of gestation and birth weight in US women. METHODS This wasExpand
Effect of early oral clindamycin on late miscarriage and preterm delivery in asymptomatic women with abnormal vaginal flora and bacterial vaginosis: a randomised controlled trial
Treatment of asymptomatic abnormal vaginal flora and bacterial vaginosis with oral clindamycin early in the second trimester significantly reduces the rate of late miscarriage and spontaneous preterm birth in a general obstetric population. Expand
Randomized Clinical Trial of Metronidazole Plus Erythromycin to Prevent Spontaneous Preterm Delivery in Fetal Fibronectin–Positive Women
Treatment with metronidazole plus erythromycin of asymptomatic women with a positive cervical or vaginal fetal fibronectin test in the late second trimester does not decrease the incidence of spontaneous preterm delivery. Expand
Specialized prenatal care and maternal and infant outcomes in twin pregnancy.
Program participation was associated with improved outcomes at birth and through age 3 years and through 3 years of age. Expand
The potential for probiotics to prevent bacterial vaginosis and preterm labor.
It will take some effort to get remedies such as probiotics into mainstream care, but the escalating health care budgets and emergence of "superbugs" will provide the incentives to put in place clinical trials designed to evaluate how best to use the commensal organisms. Expand
Frequency of eating during pregnancy and its effect on preterm delivery.
This study supports previous animal model work of an association between decreased frequency of eating and preterm delivery and identifies meal patterns of pregnant women who consumed meals/snacks less frequently. Expand
Energy/protein restriction for high weight-for-height or weight gain during pregnancy.
  • M. Kramer
  • Medicine
  • The Cochrane database of systematic reviews
  • 2000
Protein/energy restriction of pregnant women who are overweight or exhibit high weight gain is unlikely to be beneficial and may be harmful to the developing fetus. Expand
" What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk of Having a Premature Baby ? " ( 2004 )
  • Holistic Midwifery
  • 1995