Premarital Sex: The Theological Argument from Peter Lombard to Durand

  title={Premarital Sex: The Theological Argument from Peter Lombard to Durand},
  author={J. Dedek},
  journal={Theological Studies},
  pages={643 - 667}
  • J. Dedek
  • Published 1 December 1980
  • Philosophy
  • Theological Studies
THIS STUDY intends to supply a history of the theological thinking on simple fornication from Peter Lombard to Durand of St. Pourçain. But, more than that, it intends to provide an accurate understanding of the reasons why the medieval theologians of this period almost unanimously taught that sexual intercourse between unmarried persons is always a mortal sin. The common textbook explanation has been that 1 There is no historical study on fornication comparable to John Noonan's study of… Expand
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