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Prelymphoma as a stage of malignant lymphoma (baboon malignant lymphoma model)

  title={Prelymphoma as a stage of malignant lymphoma (baboon malignant lymphoma model)},
  author={Iakovleva La},
  journal={Voprosy onkologii},
: Ten percent of the monkeys (more then 400 animals) from P. hamadrias herd of Sukhumi monkey colony died of a 20 year-long enzootic of malignant lymphoma associated with STLV-1 retrovirus. Retrospective analysis revealed regular (in more than 80% of cases) development of prelymphoma preceded by malignant process for a considerable time (up to 10 years or more). Prelymphoma occurred as mild hemopoietic inhibition including lymphopoiesis. Clinico-morphological signs of prelymphoma were… 
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Atypical lymphoid proliferations: the pathologist’s viewpoint

The author’s opinion, the use of this descriptive term AtLP may obviate the need to force some lymphoid proliferations (equivocal lesions or mimickers of lymphomas) into either the benign or malignant categories.