[Preliminary study of development of gene chips for HIV diagnosis].


OBJECTIVE To study the technology for establishing DNA chips for the diagnosis of HIV. METHODS HIV 1U26942 DNA fragments were isolated by restriction display-PCR (RD-PCR) and printed onto aminosilane-coated glass slides by Pixsys 5500 arrayer as probes to prepare the gene chips. HIV samples, after labeled with Cy3, were hybridized with the microarray followed by scanning for analysis of hybridization kinetics of the RD fragments. RESULTS The experimental condition for preparing the gene chips was investigated and 12 RD fragments were screened as probes for further study. CONCLUSION The technique established in this study for preparing DNA chips is specific and applicable.

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@article{Li2002PreliminarySO, title={[Preliminary study of development of gene chips for HIV diagnosis].}, author={Ling Li and Wen-li Ma and Xiang-ming Mao and Ji Zhu and Wen-ling Zheng}, journal={Di 1 jun yi da xue xue bao = Academic journal of the first medical college of PLA}, year={2002}, volume={22 8}, pages={724-7} }