Preliminary study of buprenorphine and bupropion for opioid-dependent smokers.

  title={Preliminary study of buprenorphine and bupropion for opioid-dependent smokers.},
  author={Marc E. Mooney and James Poling and Gerardo Gonzalez and Kishor Gonsai and Thomas R. Kosten and Mehmet Alper Sofuoglu},
  journal={The American journal on addictions},
  volume={17 4},
In this double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, bupropion (BUPRO, 300 mg/day) was compared to placebo (PBO) for the concurrent treatment of opioid and tobacco addiction in 40 opioid-dependent smokers stabilized on buprenorphine (BUPRE, 24 mg/day). Participants received contingent, monetary reinforcement for abstinence from smoking, illicit opioids, and cocaine. Significant differences in treatment retention were observed (BUPRE+BUPRO, 58%; BUPRE+PBO, 90%). BUPRO treatment was not more effective… CONTINUE READING

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