Preliminary study of application effect of bamboo vinegar on vegetable growth

  title={Preliminary study of application effect of bamboo vinegar on vegetable growth},
  author={Jun Mu and Zhi-Ming Yu and Wen-qiang Wu and Qing Li Wu},
  journal={Forestry Studies in China},
This paper reports the effects of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescense) vinegar, with different diluents, on the growth of lettuce, cole and cucumber based on field tests. The results show that moso bamboo vinegar with 500–800 times dilution had good effect on the growth of tested vegetables. The harvest of vegetables increased from 18.8%–20.2% compared with a control. The height and the weight of the average single vegetable tested also increased. The main components of moso bamboo vinegar… 

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