Preliminary results of Anaconda aortic endografts: a single center study.


OBJECTIVE To evaluate the peri-operative results of Anaconda endograft in the first 49 cases treated in a single centre. METHODS The study was carried out prospectively on cases of infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) treated with Anaconda endograft. The characteristics of the proximal aortic neck and of the iliac access vessels were considered. The following operative results were assessed: the main body oversizing, the need to correct the positioning of the main body, the use of iliac extensions, the use of ballooning, the covering of patent hypogastric arteries, the presence of endoleaks and the need for conversion. Peri-operative (30 days) mortality and morbidity were also considered. RESULTS Of the 49 cases treated, 44 were males with a mean age of 73 years (range: 55-89 yrs; SD+/-7 yrs). The mean diameter of the AAA was 56 mm (range 45-91 mm; SD+/-11); 4 cases had common iliac aneurysms with a diameter >3 cm. The mean neck diameter and length were 23 mm (range 19-28 mm; SD+/-3) and 25 mm (range 15-50 mm; SD+/-10) respectively. An aortic neck angle between 40 degrees and 70 degrees was present in 10 cases (20%) (mean 58 degrees; SD+/-15 degrees), and 20 cases (41%) had iliac tortuosity with an angle greater than 60 degrees (mean 85 degrees; SD+/-25 degrees). There were no cases of conversion or intra-operative death. One (2%) peri-operative death occurred, for reasons not related to the endograft. There were two cases of iliac limb thrombosis. CT at one month showed 12 cases (25%) of type II endoleak. There were no cases of type I or type III endoleaks. CONCLUSIONS The preliminary data of this series demonstrates that the Anaconda endograft has good peri-operative results in the treatment of infrarenal AAAs with a neck length not less than 15 mm.

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