Preinjective subfactors of preinjective Kronecker modules

  title={Preinjective subfactors of preinjective Kronecker modules},
  author={Csaba Sz'ant'o and Istv'an SzollHosi},
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On the combinatorics of extensions of preinjective Kronecker modules

Abstract We explore the combinatorial properties of a particular type of extension monoid product of preinjective Kronecker modules. The considered extension monoid product plays an important role in



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Abstract We derive a cancellation theorem for degenerations of modules that says in particular, that projective or injective common direct summands can always be neglected. Combining the cancellation

Combinatorics of Column Minimal Indices and Matrix Pencil Completion Problems

The possible Kronecker invariants of a matrix pencil with a prescribed sub pencil, when the prescribed subpencil has only column (row) minimal indices as Kr one-size-fits-all indices is described.

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