Preictal pseudosleep: a new finding in psychogenic seizures.

  title={Preictal pseudosleep: a new finding in psychogenic seizures.},
  author={Selim R. Benbadis and Martin Lancman and Lisa M King and Sara J. Swanson},
  volume={47 1},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The diagnosis of psychogenic seizures (pseudoseizures) may be difficult and usually rests on video-EEG monitoring. We observed that pseudoseizures often arise out of a state that we termed preictal pseudosleep. The objective of this study was to investigate this potential new sign in pseudoseizures. METHODS We prospectively studied all patients who underwent noninvasive monitoring over a 10-month period. Patients were monitored for a duration of 1 to 19 days (mean 4.9… CONTINUE READING

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