Prehospital use of the Glasgow Coma Scale in severe head injury.

  title={Prehospital use of the Glasgow Coma Scale in severe head injury.},
  author={James V Winkler and Peter H. Rosen and E J Alfry},
  journal={The Journal of emergency medicine},
  volume={2 1},
To determine the prognostic value of prehospital Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) scores in severe blunt head injuries, the GCS at the scene of injury (INGCS) and the GCS in the emergency department (EDGCS) were compared with neurologic outcomes in 33 consecutive head-injured patients. Patients were categorized according to final outcome: Group I (n = 7) had no neurologic deficits, group II (n = 3) had only minor neurologic deficits, group III (n = 11) had major neurologic deficits, and group IV (n… CONTINUE READING
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