Pregnenolone metabolism in rodent embryonic neurons and astrocytes.

  title={Pregnenolone metabolism in rodent embryonic neurons and astrocytes.},
  author={K Kabbadj and Martine El-Etr and Etienne Emile Baulieu and Paul Robel},
  volume={7 2},
The rat CNS has been previously shown to synthesize pregnenolone (PREG) and to convert it into progesterone (PROG) and some of its 5 alpha-reduced metabolites. However, the brain cell types involved in the metabolic conversions of PREG are poorly known. Selective conditions were used to obtain purified cultures of neurons and astrocytes from mouse or rat fetal striatum and cerebral cortex. Neurons converted PREG to only one identified metabolite, 20 alpha-dihydro PREG, whereas astrocytes… CONTINUE READING


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