Pregnant Words: South Asian Buddhist Tales of Fertility and Child Protection

  title={Pregnant Words: South Asian Buddhist Tales of Fertility and Child Protection},
  author={Amy Paris Langenberg},
  journal={History of Religions},
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Apology and distancing are two discursive strategies for openly acknowledging opposing interests while subtly dictating the terms of their acknowledgment. Apology, for example, can be simultaneously an admission of wrongdoing and a means of reconciling all involved to the transgression. The child who apologizes for grabbing his sister’s toy does not necessarily mean that he will never do it again. He recognizes, however, and desires to make amends for the disturbance he has caused. Distancing… 
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For instance, the Mah ataṇh asankhaya Sutta from the Majjhima-nik aya and the Mah anid ana Sutta from the Dīgha-nik aya. The Garbh avakr antis utra

    Also, while these boys' status in the monastery was undoubtedly low, they were nonetheless official members of the monastic community

      John Strong makes the argument that the ritual of ordination is properly understood as a culmination, rather than a beginning; that it bestows not just the status of monkhood, but of ideal monkhood

      • effect, a ritualization of arhatship. Strong, Legend and Cult of Upagupta

      Dhītika's ordination story is found in the A sokar aj avad ana

      • 126a-b, and translated in Strong, Legend and Cult of Upagupta