Pregnancy outcome in survivors of advanced Hodgkin disease.

  title={Pregnancy outcome in survivors of advanced Hodgkin disease.},
  author={Abbe Janov and Jessica T. Anderson and David Cella and Elimelech Zuckerman and A. Borris Kornblith and Jimmie C. B. Holland and Arlene F. Kantor and Frederick P. Li and Edward S. Henderson and Raymond B. Weiss},
  volume={70 3},
BACKGROUND Pregnancy outcome was reported by 139 survivors of advanced Hodgkin disease treated on nine protocols of Cancer and Leukemia Group B from 1966 to 1986. METHODS These patients provided data on 302 singleton pregnancies of a duration of at least 20 weeks that occurred before, during, or after treatment for Hodgkin disease (252, 26, and 24 pregnancies, respectively). RESULTS There were 4 perinatal deaths, as compared with 5.7 expected. Cancer subsequently developed in 2 offspring… CONTINUE READING