Pregnancy induced hypertension and sodium pump function in erythrocytes.

  title={Pregnancy induced hypertension and sodium pump function in erythrocytes.},
  author={Sheila Macphail and T. H. Thomas and Robert Wilkinson and John M. Davison and William Dunlop},
  journal={British journal of obstetrics and gynaecology},
  volume={99 10},
OBJECTIVE To determine if erythrocyte sodium pump function is altered with the onset of pregnancy induced hypertension. DESIGN A prospective descriptive study. SUBJECTS Thirty-two primigravid women with pregnancy-induced hypertension (17 had proteinuria) and 32 gestation-matched normotensive primigravid pregnant women were studied and measurements repeated 20 weeks after delivery. INTERVENTION Erythrocyte sodium, ouabain-sensitive sodium flux and the sodium pump rate constant were… CONTINUE READING
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