Pregnancy-induced changes in sheep uterine and carotid arteries.

  title={Pregnancy-induced changes in sheep uterine and carotid arteries.},
  author={Kathy K. Griendling and Ellen O. Fuller and Robert H Cox},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={248 5 Pt 2},
To characterize the effects of pregnancy on vascular tissue, intact segments of the uterine and carotid arteries were removed from nonpregnant and near-term pregnant sheep. Pressure-diameter relations were measured on isolated segments under activated (122 mM K+, 10(-4) M phenylephrine) and passive (0.1 mM Ca2+, 10(-5) M iodoacetic acid) conditions. DNA and RNA were determined spectrophotometrically. Collagen, elastin, and water contents were also measured. Pregnancy had no effect on either the… CONTINUE READING


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