Pregnancy in a Marfan patient with pre-existing aortic dissection.


In women with Marfan syndrome pregnancy increases the risk of aortic dissection. There are a number of articles reporting the outcome of acute aortic dissection during pregnancy in this patient group. In contrast, only scarce information is available concerning pregnancy in patients with pre-existing chronic aortic dissection. We report the case of a… (More)


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@article{Tutarel2007PregnancyIA, title={Pregnancy in a Marfan patient with pre-existing aortic dissection.}, author={Oktay Tutarel and Joachim Lotz and Philipp Roentgen and H. C. A. Drexler and Gerd Peter Meyer and Mechthild Westhoff-Bleck}, journal={International journal of cardiology}, year={2007}, volume={114 2}, pages={E36-7} }