Pregnancy and diabetes: how women handle the challenges.

  • Marie Berg
  • Published 2005 in The Journal of perinatal education


In order to optimize the possibilities for the birth of a healthy child, pregnant women with type 1 diabetes mellitus (type 1 DM) work hard to achieve normoglycemia. In the research presented here, pregnant, diabetic women's experiences of dealing with life circumstances are summarized as a construct of duality: "to master or to be enslaved." The overall experience of challenges and managing is understood to depend on the individual woman's identity, attitude, and resources including health professionals and social environment. Health professionals in antenatal care have a special responsibility to give care that not only optimizes the biological possibility for a healthy child to be born but also supports the woman with type 1 DM to master the situation and, thus, promote her health, well-being, and motherhood.

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