Pregnancy Envy and the Politics of Compensatory Masculinities

  title={Pregnancy Envy and the Politics of Compensatory Masculinities},
  author={Jacqueline Stevens},
  journal={Politics \& Gender},
  pages={265 - 296}
  • J. Stevens
  • Published 1 June 2005
  • Psychology
  • Politics & Gender
Dominant psychoanalytic paradigms locate the breast or penis/phallus as the touchstone for gender/sex/sexual development. This essay offers a critique of these accounts and an alternative theory of sexed forms of being: pregnancy envy and the kinship rules that result from this. The essay also provides an intellectual history of how previous efforts to theorize pregnancy envy, especially work by Ida Macalpine, were suppressed.This article has benefited from audiences at the Yale University… 
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