Preglomerular resistance and glomerular perfusion in the rat and dog.

  title={Preglomerular resistance and glomerular perfusion in the rat and dog.},
  author={W R Chenitz and B A Nevins and Norman Kenneth Hollenberg},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={231 3},
Glomerular blood flow in the rat, measured with radioactive microspheres, averaged 233 +/- 59 nl/min per glomerulus, significantly less than the glomerular flow rate in the dog (568 +/- 115; P less than 0.005). The difference in glomerular blood flow rate could not be attributed to differences in mean or cortical flow rates, the fraction of acrdiac output received, cardiac output normalized to body weight, or the fractional distribution of blood flow or glomeruli from outer to inner cortex in… CONTINUE READING

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