Prefrontal neocortical disturbances in mental retardation.

  title={Prefrontal neocortical disturbances in mental retardation.},
  author={Bengt L{\"o}gdberg and Arne Brun},
  journal={Journal of intellectual disability research : JIDR},
  volume={37 ( Pt 5)},
Morphometrical analysis of the frontal lobe neocortex of seven selected cases of mental retardation of unclassified aetiology and pathology, showing mild dysplastic changes of the neocortex on routine workup, were compared with nine normal controls and seven cases with Down's syndrome. In comparison with the normal controls, the group with 'unclassified' mental retardation showed an increased percentage of disoriented pyramidal neurons in layers III and IV-V (8-17%, P < 0.01), an abnormal… CONTINUE READING

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