Prefrontal Neurons Coding Suppression of Specific Saccades

  title={Prefrontal Neurons Coding Suppression of Specific Saccades},
  author={R. Hasegawa and B. Peterson and M. Goldberg},
  • R. Hasegawa, B. Peterson, M. Goldberg
  • Published 2004
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Neuron
  • The prefrontal cortex has been implicated in the suppression of unwanted behavior, based upon observations of humans and monkeys with prefrontal lesions. Despite this, there has been little direct neurophysiological evidence for a mechanism that suppresses specific behavior. In this study, we used an oculomotor delayed match/nonmatch-to-sample task in which monkeys had to remember a stimulus location either as a marker of where to look or as a marker of where not to look. We found a group of… CONTINUE READING
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