Prefoldins: the new chaperones

  title={Prefoldins: the new chaperones},
  author={N. Djouder},
  booktitle={Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology},
  • N. Djouder
  • Published in
    Advances in Experimental…
Prefoldin is a co-chaperone that evolutionarily originates in archaea, is universally present in all eukaryotes and acts as a co-chaperone by facilitating the supply of unfolded or partially folded substrates to class II chaperonins. Eukaryotic prefoldin is known mainly for its functional relevance in the cytoplasmic folding of actin and tubulin monomers during cytoskeleton assembly. However, the role of prefoldin in chaperonin-mediated folding is not restricted to cytoskeleton components, but… Expand