Prefix and Right-Partial Derivative Automata

  title={Prefix and Right-Partial Derivative Automata},
  author={Eva Maia and Nelma Moreira and Rog{\'e}rio Reis},
Recently, Yamamoto presented a new method for the conversion from regular expressions (REs) to non-deterministic finite automata (NFA) based on the Thompson ε-NFA (AT). The AT automaton has two quotients discussed: the suffix automaton Asuf and the prefix automaton, Apre. Eliminating ε-transitions in AT, the Glushkov automaton (Apos) is obtained. Thus, it is easy to see that Asuf and the partial derivative automaton (Apd) are the same. In this paper, we characterise the Apre automaton as a… CONTINUE READING


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